Give Goths Last Cav Armor Upgrade, end one-trick-pony issue of last 20 years

Give Goths last cavalry armor upgrade so they stop being a one trick pony…

just think about it if goths get a sustainable cavalier option then games with them/vs them will become much more unpredictable and much less boring .


No this is ridiculous. Goths work fine as a pure infantry civ. They can spam halberdiers at an alarming rate for a cheap price to melt horses. The castle unit/barracks unit is near impervious to archers, and is effectively a siege unit. And why would anyone be making cavalry in general as goths, when their infantry is so cheap? With the added benefit of not being vulnerable to trash units from the spearman-line.

Goths have tended to go very early game rush recently. Even though the Infantry Flood is a pretty powerful strategy, it takes a lot of time to prepare and is too easy to be targeted. All these make Goths unpopular with players and opponents both in 1v1 and team games.

I have long called for basic stone wall and cavalry plate armor to be given to the Goths. The former can help with a less risky transition to Infantry Flood in 1v1. The latter can help the Goths retain their place in team games. With these, Goths don’t need loom bonuses and hussars.

This thread pops up every 2 months and it’s fairly boring.

The flavor of Goths is PURE infantry. They get a BIG discount on infantry to compensate for their weakness in other areas. If you are unhappy with them being uni-dimensional, you can always play another civ that has good infantry and good Stable units, for example Poles. Nobody forces you to play Goths, if you are unhappy with how they play out, there is likely another civ that fits your style perfectly.

If you give them cavalry buffs, you HAVE TO nerf their Barracks and at that point you just have a copy of Poles/Burmese/Franks/Bulgarians/Teutons, i.e. civs with Stable+Barracks focus.


If so are they, they would not become such an unpopular civ.

No we don’t have to nerf barracks.
They just get decent cavaliers and even have to loss hussars for this change.
Some civs such like Franks and Poles have cavalry bonus and also decent infantry.
Why can not the Goths be a civ having infantry bonus and also decent cavalry?
In most cases, Goths would still eventually tend to use the infantry flood mainly, and the other civs still tend to use cavalry mainly .
The units that have bonuses are different so the gameplay and strategies are different.
They will not become copies of each other at all.

because Goths are already over the top infantry-wise and their infantry is insane, you can watch for example a Hera video where he ranks all infantry civs and Goths is the ONLY one that makes it to top tier.This is not your random Berbers who get “only” -15% discount on their “natural unit” in CA and -20% in Imp, Goths bonus is far larger and starts in Dark Age, allowing you for example to do builds like 2x Lumber Camp right away because you don’t have to take gold.

Overall if Goths need buffs to be less predictable, their infantry bonus needs a nerf.

I respect that Hera can have his own understanding, but I believe the current state of unpopularity with Goths is self-evident, and the reasons also include the highly micro dark age rush you mentioned. If the Goths can’t reduce the predictability, in the eyes of the vast majority of players, in the vast majority of games, they can only maintain a meme civilization. If the meme or unpopularity are what developers want, then I have nothing to say.

yeah, but where does Hera rank Goths as a civ overall? do they have the best infantry in the game hands down? of course. but overall the civ is completely garbage and everyone knows it.

if we were buffing a civ like vikings i would absolutely agree with you, but when you’re talking about a trash tier civ like Goths? the most i could see nerfing is reducing perfusion to something like 60-80%.


actually the tier list that green is referencing literally only compares the infantry and bonuses of each civ that applies to infantry.
it is not comparing for example, how strong the overall civ is. in his recent overall civ rankings, goths is literally dead last.

so yes. Hera says their infantry and it’s associated bonuses are the best of the best (hard to argue with free better then arson, increased production, 35% discount for free, and ofcourse, huscarls), but as a civ overall they are pure bad.

Is this a ban evader again?

And another daily post wanting to fill holes in civ’s tech tree.

What was it last time? Bracer to Cumans? Siege Eng for Italians? Squires for Portuguese?

People are willing to murder the game strategically, to kill diversity, in order to justify balance. If you can’t balance the civ wisely- then dont do that, stop forcing every civ into this generic position.

Goths were famous for their cav historicaly.

Giving last upgrade of cav armor will not take of the flavour just give 1 option more reduing the one-trickness.

Also as many sugest take hursar of them if you give cav armor upgrade.