Give Houses More Pop Space

Raising it to 10 would end the rampant problem that is getting housed OR how about we make the population space of houses scale across the population limit so in 200 population games it will give 5 population space but with 400 population limit games it gives 10 population?

actually my guess? getting housed would occur more often.
because people would get less used to building houses and thus more likely to get housed.


Errr… no. That ruins the gameplay. And makes the Hun’s bonus weaker. It would cause an insane saving wood bonus across all civs, and could affect balance. To make sure you not housed, every so often use your lumberjacks to make more houses. Or better yet, make a few houses. Not just one house.

Incas house bonus would be ruined.

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We could raise that to 20.

Only high ELO players would face that issue.

Maybe it would be an idea to double both the population limit per house and the cost of wood.


false, who gets housed the most as is? low elo players. which means they already have issues as is with building houses. which means when you reduce the need to build houses, they are going to get trapped by it.

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that has huge impacts on walling.

They would need to build houses less often.

and if they have problems building houses as is, and then have to build them less often.
what happens when you practice less at something? you get worse at it. and that is the trap this change would lead too.

They would get housed more but at least they will be able to not build houses for a while.

No… just no.

That would ruin the early game balance. You making a issue out of a non-issue.


not really. 10 pop can go by really fast.

and impacts walling.

this also impacts the huns bonus and the incan bonus, all of which need rebalancing.

true, but like i said, your argument at the beginning was to prevent people getting housed. this really ain’t gonna help.

5 pop goes by even faster.

Make more than one house then.

Takes too much micro.

o.O you can’t be serious.

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You can queue orders. And just have on villagers doing it. Once, he’s done, send him back to work cutting trees.

There are space concerns too with building two houses.

I often do that but I think I lose too much wood by doing that and I’m always low on wood.

Play Celts. Great wood bonus. If you struggle with wood.

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