Give Houses More Pop Space

I don’t know how to use siege at any moment in the game except for the post-imperial age, and the lack of good cavalry and especially the lack of good archers stings a lot.

Hey sometimes there’s not enough space at my lumber camps to make two houses, and I have OCD so I can only place buildings a certain way. My OCD also stops me from playing any map other than Arabia and Michi.

Alright, start the arguing. @MatCauthon3 and @BomberGriffin, get in here.

Houses are already cheap we don’t need more pop

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There is also the matter of build time and convenience.

I am pretty sure this will never happen, because there isnt really a good reason to change these things.


But are we not allowed to dream?

Also, none of the discussions taking place in this forum are gonna be implemented by the devs.

that’s false. we’ve literally had suggestions from these forums implemented by the devs.

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Name one.

Auto scout for example

That’s on me, I set the bar too low.

Won’t happen, that would throw the balance of the game out the window.

Yeah but they could always fix it.

franks berry bonus reduction
franks unique tech swap
steppe lancer cost reduction
shotel warrior gold cost reduction

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Are you sure they didn’t come up with that?

they were changes advertised here by forum members.
oh giving the turks scout line +1 PA.

But we can agree most discussions won’t end up getting implemented by the devs like all of LightCav’s suggestions.

well yeah, that’s definitely true.

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I don’t like it when people spam houses to remain walled forever, and ur idea would buff this strat. Parry that :stuck_out_tongue: