Give HRE buffed version of Elite Army Tactics

Like how the French have their own version of Royal Bloodlines that gives +35% bonus instead of 20%.

Mongols already have their own buffed up version of the tech tech gives +30% hp and damage. Maybe give HRE a +30% version as well.

HRE are supposed to be infantry specialists but Delhi has better infantry than they do. Moves faster (x2 for 10 seconds with a 75% cool down is basically 13.33% more speed) than they do. Delhi m@a has +3 compared to +2 for HRE. Only advantage of HRE is against heavy units.

Abbasid and Mongol infantry has more hp. Abbasid (with camel aura) and English have better armor.

This +30% bonus from the tech from 20% would make their infantry a lot better.


Yeah HRE clearly got the short end of the stick.

There only unique upgrade is the 10% movementspeed what is not so impactful imo. A increase to 15% or so would be nice.
The Maa upgrades were even nerfed in one of the patches because before havy maces and 2handed gave extra hp now only one adds max hp.

Its feels bad that they have so view uniqness in there army and upgrades.

I wrote several times that I would add the bonus of the normal elite army tactics to the units produced out of the burggrave palace with a 3x productions speed instead of bulding 5 at once for the cost of 5 (what is realy silly 5x barracks are better and at castle age 3 rax arnt so many).

After ur suggested improved elite army tactics the “new” burggrave would flatten and balance out.