Give Love to Xbox

So recently I’ve been talking to people about the state of Xbox. With the addition of New civs it’s been good and it’s brought some life back to Xbox. But it feels that as of recent the devs have neglected to give any information to the Xbox community, and mostly appease the needs of the PC community. I completely understand that this has been a PC game for far longer than it’s been on Xbox. But with a lack of communication from devs about Crossplay, ranked teams, fixing matchmaking Que times, a lot of players have left Xbox because they simply can’t fathom why the devs have almost neglected console. Now don’t get me wrong, with the addition of new civs and such it’s been great to get some refreshing content. But it almost feels like they add stuff to console for convenience sake, and because it’s on PC, so like why not you know? All I’m asking is just for some communication between Xbox and anyone from the Age of Empires 4 Development Team.


How do you even play this game on a console? Genuine question, seems it would be difficult with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard.

The control scheme isn’t even that bad. It’s a lot more manageable than people think. The controls ain’t as good as aoe2 on console but they’re not that bad. People would probably disagree but I mean that’s just me yk

This 100%. And we want team ranked on Xbox. Please. Games are so mismatched