Give Russia the Lil' Bombard

The Ottomans have the Great Bombard, Russia has the Lil’ bombard in campaigns.

So how about replacing the heavy cannon with Lil’ Bombard and or give them an unlimited Lil’ Bombard card that ships one each time.



Yeah thats true . Maybe they can add it to saloon as mercenary unit like Portugal’s mercenary contractor politician .

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They arent the same stat wise though, so not sure how that would work.

I think HC is better overall.

Mongolian scouts are only found in treasures, which can add Mongolian scouts to Russia, and there are Mongolians in Siberia.

I have a better idea, how about give them katyusha rocket launcher? man seriously?

I’m not saying make it the exact same spec as the Saloon Lil’ Bombard, but I think it could be done in a fair way.

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