Give Sweden an Anti-Cavalry unit

Add Dragoons in their Stables or make Hackapelits an anti-Cav unit since they’re already ranged, although I do not know how realistic that would be (not sure what’s the Hackapelits history but I believe they were known as melee cavalry?)
Before you say Pikemen or Caroleans, they’re dead meat to Skirms so usually the opponent came to me with a combo of Melee/Ranged Cav + Skirms and I had no answer to it.

In industrial age fully carded caroleans with 17 range and range resists plus falconetcs should be able to that very easily.

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Caroleans already have Ranged attack bonus bs Cavalry.
They are Infantry Dragoons.

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But goon + skirm combo appears in age III and swedes have no answer to it. Falconets/LC and mercs have hard counters (culvs and agents), so it a one-time option.

u have caroleans anticav range, and u have in rax and stable in IV age jaeger and black ridersand in saloon in 3 age , u have infinite cards of skirms and goons u have hussar whit to much cards to improve them to stop enemy cav or kill enemy skirms , u have artillery , u have everything. try to micro ur caroleans fight against cav and ur cav and artillery fight against enemy light inf. try whit hussar instead of hackapelits. u have many options in 3 age and u can push in second age to avoid age 3 if it is wrong for you to fight at that age

Agents kill mercs very cost-efficiently, so using mercs too much is a bad idea

Artillery from both sides usually dies much quicker than other units, so depend only on falcs also a bad idea

Skirm/goons cards are good, but u will never able to spam enough of them with only using these cards, and swedes need to send caroleans upgrades as soon as they can, so sending skirms/goons instead of the upgrades will strike on your caroleans effectiveness very hard.

Hussars + caroleans loses to skirm + goon in age III, 3x range multipliers will destroy them. Are you seriously offer to micro vs easiest hit&run range combo in the game? You will win only if the enemy will play with his feet.

Swedes one of the weakest civ in age II to play offensive, they only have 10-range infantry that can do nothing against any long-range unit, their charge is countered with snare completely, leather cannons very fragile unit for their cost, if the enemy has a long-ranged unit in age II (actually most civs in the game) they can easily defeat any push of the swedes.

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I would not know how to explain in a few words how wrong I think you are and how strong Sweden is in all aspects so if we are lucky that some proplayer answers you, in the meantime I recommend the esoc community page where you can ask them or create this same post there and they will answer you with their valuable opinions and they can help you much better than in this forum


lololol this has to be legit troll post right ?

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You are absolutely right. Swedish is the worst civ in the game…I really don’t know why people keeps asking for nerfs on them.

If anyone ever played the Starcraft franchise, the Swedes would be compared to the Zerg without the massive army and economy capabilities…SO THAT LEAVES YOU NOTHING but weak, not so cheap units. Making a rush with them is like trying to rush with only a handful of zerglings.

A pro player does not let the enemy reach third age.
You have to kill enemy’s economy constantly before it is too late.

If you have no words to explain, probably you can’t explain it to yourself?

I’ve never said that swedes are weak. They are very strong … in age IV or to beat lazy players who ignore their crazy eco. I said that swedes have no effective tools to fight against the most common age III combo in the game at the time that combo appears. They have tools to survive (mercs, artillery, skirm cards) but not to stay in age III. And this need to go to age IV puts swedes in a weak spot in 1v1.

the vast majority of games between proplayers are in 3 age WTF

oh yes I have words, what I do not have is so much time or so many posts to saturate this forum. I repeat, go to the EsoC community forum and put this post there, there are the best players to answer you much better than me.
It is even possible that they give you the reason!

Diaoruga put Swedes in top tier 1 !!! and nobody put them in the worst tier

and hazza put top tier 1 Sweden and Inca !! :smiley:


They were top tier before nerfs for sure, but now it says nothing.

hazza still put them in tier 1 and no comment nothing about postpatch

The first video is before the patch, the second one is about fast industrial (it’s when you skip age III). How it disproves that swedes can do nothing vs goon + skirms in age III?

Not only the first video was before the patch, but also you can see the german’s mistake at 12:23 going forward with the falconets WITHOUT anything to cover them.
Also, the german “raid” was too late (raids are cavalry + some skirms, and NEVER focused in one point and definetely never with artillery).

Use Pikeman. That’s why they are there.

or Ship Black Riders card and then Spam 50 of them with Sweden gold economy.