Give the Indians Cheap Spearmen?

From what I’ve gathered the Indians had a huge population, even during the medieval era. Their elite troops tended to be cavalry units and elephants, made up of the upper class elite. But they also had large swarms of cheap, cannon fodder militia from the lower classes wearing little to no armour. They were meant to keep them busy, while the cavalry did the real work by charging the flanks.

So, now the Indians can train cheap spearman/pikemen/halberdiers (as cheap as Goth’s spearmen) to off set the plate boarding armour nerf. Take note they are still missing Plate Mail for their infantry units. Would this make them OP somehow? This would reinforce the fact making cavalry units vs the Indians is a bad idea.

How significant would this bonus be with the Indians having cheap spearmen? Would it make them the ultimate anti cavalry civ? This bonus would boost their defenses as well as the anti cavalry nature of their civ.

Why you would give cheap spearman to the ultimate camel civ? It makes no sense at all


Camels cost gold. Spearmen don’t. Awful 1v1. Gold is very rare when compared to food and wood with no access to trade.

Gold heavy civs often do poorly 1v1.

Still, senseless. FU hussars and eskirms make much more sense. It is still redundant to give them cheaper spears. Indians need a different change. Plus civis are balanced arround having access to gold. And gold isn’t scarse until late imperial age

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In an old thread we talked about simply giving them Arbalest. Or Battle Elephants to off set their nerf.

And still they die hard to archer civs

Big Indian population is already their Eco bonus of cheaper Vills.

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Giving back Indians its last cavalry armor upgrade is more significant.

You cannot have Plate Barding, and +2 Pierce Armour as a bonus. It is one or the other.

Otherwise Indians will get Castle-proof Imp Camels and Hussars.
And no, the Teutons +2 Melee Armour is not the same. Melee Armour does nothing against defences, and does not make units better at raiding, while Pierce Armour does.

I mean just cancel the change in update 42848 for Indians.

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They have Ranged Camels that are anti-cav. They are the only civ having them IN AGE 2 !!!

Indians do not have Ranged Camels.
There are 2 civs with anti-Cavalry ranged Camels: Saracens and Berbers.
Indians do not have Ranged Camels, nor would they be the only ones to do so, even if they did have them.

Oh, sorry. Though he was talking about AOE 3 DE

In AoE3, Ports can get Dragoons in Age 2 aswell, and those are WAY better than Zamburaks.

There’s no difference between this and most medieval armies.

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