Give Thirisadai Sails to India Ships

Why would anyone waste time to write up a wiki article with all those details to trick people?

You’d be surprised how much stuff people on Wikipedia make up


The Reddit post I read (presumably the same one) relied on a scanned book from c.1950 being reliably text searchable. That seems implausible to me, so I think it’s more likely that the Reddit user was (honestly) mistaken than that the Wikipedia page was fabricated. But that’s just my own judgement - I can see why people would disagree.

Of course, even if it is wrong, it’s hardly the most inaccurate thing in the game. I think very few players, if any, would benefit from a name change.

The same reason why people go into crop fields and make circles in order to trick crazy ufo nuts into thinking it’s flying saucers from uranus. That and dumb nationalism. The biggest mistake people have is always assuming there’s some sort of monetary incentive to falsify or make a hoax.

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I like your example for 20 char

That profile pic is lit.