Give Trade Workshop a chance

I have been playing AOE1 since 1997, and i have always been anoyed that there was no land trade in the game. Know whit AOE DE i hope it can actully get a chance too be in the game as i find the trade workshop intresting specielly this with villagers create trade goods of wood that you later can trade.

"The Trade Workshop is a building in Age of Empires that has no function in the game. It was originally intended for land trade routes but was later cut due to design issues.

The Trade Workshop was originally designed to be unlocked by researching the “Trade Workshops” technology. Villagers could be sent to Trade Workshops to produce “Trade Goods” which cost wood. Trade Goods were used as a “currency” instead of food, wood, and stone for Trade Boats."

landtrade would be nice, but it should work 1:1 like water trade

What do you mean by 1:1? Water trade takes 20 wood/food/stone and gives you 7 to (large amount like 70) depending on distance between nearest docks of the 2 players.

By that wiki description, it seems like maybe you had to use villagers to create the “trade goods” that the trade boats then take between docks to return with gold.

In the actual game, docks auto replenish what could be “trade goods” over time up to 100, and you select the resource to trade, while the dock loses 20 of “trade goods” each time another player’s boat touches it.

I’m guessing you mean that land trade would work like dock trade is now. But with goats and small carriages (that look like artifacts), there’s a reason they have handles