Give Us Back DM/ Treaty Quicksearch

Can we have Quicksearch for deathmatch and treaty back?
I think especially for finding 1v1 in those game modes they were/are actually decent.

I understand, that there is limited space in the UI and you do not want to overwhelm new players with too much choice, but i think you could solve this by making a button with “Additional game modes”, which unfolds and shows all game modes. Similar to a “Spoiler” which is present in many forums

This Quicksearch should feed into the same rank as ranked lobby. So we have those systems parallel and one rank for both systems(like it was in old eso). At no point am i suggesting removing the ranked lobby system, rather enhanhing it.
Finally it should be possible to search for ranked games via quick search OR Lobby (for dm, tr, maybe later also ew)
So i can go do my stuff and dont care about lobby/ map / or look at rank or anything and also search for more game modes paralelly.

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Don’t listen to him devs. Ranked Lobbies are the best imo for Treaty and DM, 2 modes which are barely played competitively. Before I used to wait 2 years to find an opponent in 1v1 and team ranked. Now with the new adjustments I can finally find an opponent within a minute.

I’ve been praying for Ranked Lobbies for 1000 years and now that it was finally implemented in the code, some dude wants it’s removal.

The only thing Quicksearch is useful is for Supremacy.

Sorry i need to clarify.
I didnt mean to replace them, just keep both systems parallel and one rank for both systems
(like it was in old eso)
So it is possible to search for ranked games via quick search OR Lobby!