Give us option to pick all military units!

And I mean ALL military units, not 60ty!


Completely agree with this. They should change this, it’s quite annoying at the moment.

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I think this is fine. It helps add a level of skill to the game. You can easy swap between two or more control groups. Then realistically how often are you prolonging games to accumulate far more then sixty units that aren’t being made near front lines. Im not super great at the game but i just don’t see ut as nessasery

I use the select all army hotkey to add units to control groups. For example select all army → shift click on an arbalest → ctrl+1.
However if my total military unit count goes above 60, I am not guaranteed to have selected all the arbalest in the above case (even if I have less than 60 arbalests).

But you can do this ez but control group icons and manage your units better

But what about the cases in which you want to drag and select all the units on your screen in order to steamroll an opponent?

I support this idea. I really don’t know what would be the argument for 60 units limitation. Sounds like something that comes dragging from first game…
Let me select all and then yes, split in control groups if I want…


That’s exactly what i want.