Give us Option to turn off Wonder Victory in MatchMaking Please!

I understand that the “standard” game mode for matchmaking is meant to keep the games short so they don’t drag on forever…

BUT we just played 4v4 matchmaking again…and with the large map, one player on the other team had 199 villagers, (1 scout) and built 20 towers, 10 castles, and like 10 rows of walls, and a Wonder in the bottom corner of the map. We spent 40 minutes building up our economy and battling in some minor skirmishes over the sacred sites and trying to push into the enemy’s side of the map only for the game to say DEFEAT FROM WONDER VICTORY. out of nowhere. We scrambled to get down there in time but it was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET DOWN THERE IN TIME.

What a massive waste of time. It was so boring. We barely got to fight. We had built up massive armies and then the game just ended before we could really enjoy it.

Please give us the option to turn off wonder victory in matchmaking search!!! I don’t see why we have to choose standard victory and be subject to wasting our time. The irony is that wonder victory is meant to make the game end sooner and not waste people’s time, but we just wanted to fight and the lame timer ended the game before we could really get into good battles where the fun really is for us.

The dude exploited the wonder victory and made 199 villagers to win. Then he trolled us and typed “ez”. LOL
it certainly was easy for him to do.

I don’t see it as unreasonable to allow players to search matchmaking for pvp with an option to turn off Wonder Victory!!!

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Winning with a wonder is in no way an exploit.

Only if you want to wreck queue times and matchmaking integrity.

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they promised that the wonder will cost according to the number of players, if you played 4v4 it should cost more than 6 thousand each resource

Oh, so the game design was intended to have someone make 199 villagers and 0 military to win?

I’d rather spend an extra 2 minutes in queue than play a 40 minute match that ends in an unexciting war-less victory.


I agree that there should be an option to turn off Wonder Victory

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