Giveaway Sponsored and Advertised by Age of Empire

I don’t know if this is the correct section.

A couple of days ago there was a giveaway (game codes) during a live steam on twitch (with 20k viewers) that was Sponsored by Age of Empire and advertised on their discord and re-transmitted on their youtube channel.
I actually won the giveaway but the code that they gave me was invalid.

i’ve reported the issue, they apologised and asked for my email. i haven’t heard from them since since then

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P.S. not only me other 10ish people are having problem with their code

Hi @LawfulBird0468, Today is the first day of a short holiday week in the USA. Please give the team some time to respond. If you don’t receive a reply by tomorrow, please submit a support request at

they gave me a new code right now, i don’t know about the other winner tho.

P.S. i forgot this week was thanksgiving

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Hello, I’m one of the others winners, It’s been 5 days and didn’t receive my valid code yet, and they don’t answer my pm anymore, i Ask them again today without reply.

P.S I have verification that all the other steam key winners had receive their valid codes, except me.

Sorry to hear you guys got received invalid codes. That was on Crown channel on twitch I was one of those lucky winners. I’m glad LawfulBird0468 got a new working code aoe4 is such a great reward to own and fun to play. Hope this issue will be resolved as quickly as possible for other 10 winners.