Giving Incas a new identity

The days of Incas being the annoying/amusing vill and tower rush civ are gone. Soon it will be history.
Time and time again Pro players have been mentioning that Incas are somewhat lackluster and weaker compared to Aztecs and Mayans. (At least at the Pro level). This is mostly because they lack a good eco bonus (unlike Aztec and Mayans).
However, they have one thing going for them and that’s flexibility. Or, to be more specific, they are the only civ in the game with specific counter units for infantry, cavalry and archers that cost gold (Slingers, Kamayuk, Eagles…).
This makes them unique and sets them apart from any other Civ in the game. It also fits their reputation of possessing vast treasures of gold (at least in the eyes of western conquerors…).
→ I think this is what their identity in the game should build upon.

While Incas have an decent early game with their Llama and house bonus they fall off on the lategame without any eco bonus. Many suggested to give them a some kind of gold eco boost but I disagree. Managing their gold and what they are spending it on should be a higher priority for this civ then others. We don’t need an Aztecs or Mayen clone. I think Incas in Pro play should be defined by them having many effective options (that all cost gold) and them succeeding by making the right choices at the right times.

My suggested tweaks to the civ boni:

Andean Sling (Skirmishers and Slingers no minimum range) → this should become their new Teambonus.
It fits the usual Teambonus powerlevel (=weak but kind of useful) much better then the useless farm bonus.

The new castle age unique tech could be:
Andean boots* (all foot units move 5% faster)

Historically the Incas had a vast road and communication network but no horses → meaning messengers were running on foot.
*I don’t know exactly how their footwear was called, but it was quite elaborate.
The 5% movement speed lets them get in and out of fights a little bit faster then their opponent. At the high level this can be used to micro more efficiently and sustain gold by losing less units.

Unit changes:

Slingers: +2 bonus damage vs. Infantry in the Imperial age.

  • Slingers are an interesting option in the castle age but fall off lategame. I suggest giving them automatic buff upon reaching imp (like scouts get once you reach the feudal age).

Kamayuk: +2 bonus damage vs cavalry

  • Kamayuks are a good unit overall yet rarely seen in Pro games as they are difficult to transition into and you need a group of them in order to make use of their +1range. More bonus damage would make them a more viable choice Vs Knight civs in the castle age.

Maybe a discount in units’ upgrade techs 15/20/25%. Is not a direct eco bonus, but it boosts their versatil identity

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From what I’ve seen, their problem is the lack of gold. They suffer from it during early game and again during late game.
I like your ideas but I think your suggestions aren’t targeting their problem. Their over all power as a civ is fine and seems balanced, but how their power escalates is not.

One of these days I’m going to compile all the inca suggestions from different forums and I’m going to include yours. Let’s see what we all as a community can brainstorm to revamp the civ.

IMO Incas are fine and need nothing except their stupid team bonus need a change.


Or just bring back the old one…

Or just no 11 (20 char)

It would be a sensible option imho. I doubt that someone will come up with any idea that will make them more attractive to pick than mayans, without making the civ broken as heck, so in reality my guess is that this civ will remain pretty much obsolete

I agree a lot with this! I have played Incas a couple of times and at no point have I ever felt “Hey, you know what I need right now? No minimum range on my skirms!”.
I completely agree with you, it’s a “weak but kind of useful” bonus, great for TB.

Also a great idea in my opinion. It would encourage their archer vs archer play. Having more speed means you can more freely choose your fights, but the bonus isn’t big enough to make it broken. My only concern comes with Eagles, which might become too fast, but at the same time we have Cuman Paladins with +5% speed in Imperial Age, and they don’t feel unbalanced.

I really like what you proposed! Thanks for sharing.

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team bonus: farm, mill build/research speed increased by 100% and farmers +1 carry capacity

+1 carry capacity is only for the early game as it becomes useless in late game - the mill techs being researched 100% faster removed the complaint of the faster farm build speed hurting build orders while keeping their bonus useful into the lategame.

+5% speed would be good to add to their other bonus that increases the defense of the kamayuks, eagles, slingers (but keep the speed to not go beyond husbandry knights)

I don’t suggest that the no mimimum range becomes the team bonus

slingers are fine as is - they still take down fully upgraded Teutonic knights fairly quickly and more effectively than hand cannoneers - but if there were to be one change it would be to increase their base attack slightly rather than their bonus damage to add to their versatility against non-infantry units

I also thought about something similar. However, to me the +1 carry capacity just feels like a cheap “Aztec rip off”.
The +5% movement speed would also affect villager work rate. (However, not much as we know from the Berbers +10% movement speed…)

add it to the armor upgrade and add that it effects villagers - gives them extra defense too in the late game to buff their blacksmith effects towards them

personally i would make their team bonus +1 pierce armor on villagers it would make them alot more interesting

Make them be able to carry llamas like irl

just have all their vills ride llamas around 11


I would like to see an eco UU, like a uber vil, more expensive, available in Castle age, weaker than a normal vil, but faster and better gathering skills

hey thats not so bad KEK!