Glitching / Hacking, Yes it is a thing boys

lets address “The Elephant in The Room”

Just lost a ranked arena game where my japanese opponent had +3/+3 armored longswordsmen in castle which then became +4/+5 champions.Naturally my viking champs where demolished.

I had to check the replay to understand why.

BTW I was leading the entire game with +10 villagers when we hit castle (he was tower rushing) and 109+vils max vs 89 vilagers in the end with almost full map control. We only fought with champs and i had a real resource lead.

So there is a way that you can by purpose or accident to get more upgrades for your units from the blacksmith.

I hear this is the case with all military buildings and sometimes aging without resources spent from the TC.

Why there is no hotfix
Why noone is acknowledging this?


I think that by this point the cheat ABOVE AND BEYOND should be just removed. Too many errors provoked by that thing that is only used by a tiny fraction of the players.
Without mentioning headaches to the devs that that thing will lead in the future.



It should be fixed.


But let’s be honest, as soon as the issue was found to be tied to the cheat code it should’ve been removed until properly patched. It’s nonsense game braking bugs consistently standing around month-wide.


Best option to me would be a quick hotfix where this cheat is removed, so this bug is fixed. After the hotfix they will have time to just fix the issue with this cheat and put it back into the game. It just bad that we have to wait a month before they fix the bugs as result of cheat codes.


I’m not sure I understand. FU upgrade champions have 1/1 base armor, blacksmith upgrades bring them to 4/5 for both vikings and japanese. Vikings have hp bonus, but japanese have the much better attack speed bonus, so it’s a given you would lose in a equal champion vs champion fight.

Also, longsword cannot have 3/3 armor, they always have at least one more pierce armor (because their base armor is 0/1), even if some bug allowed researching multiple times an armor upgrade. Unless the bug is only adding melee armor and no pierce armor, but that would be really weird.

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Yes, but Hotfix would be another choice

Whatever the option proven to be the most efficient to adress the issue.

Clearly it is taking the devs a long time to fix it. So they should do a hotfix removing it (or even a rollback to the previous patch) if that would be able to be done sooner than a proper fix. Although this should have been done 23 days ago…

maybe quote his post in your own and you’ll answer your own question next time… the guy said PLUS THREE THREE… aka in addition to… if they cheated and took the first arm upgrade 3 times, it would reflect as above, and then just took the last upgrade on top of that to get +4/5…

Ever since this buggy patch was released 24 days ago the community has been reporting all the bugs, glitches and game breaking exploits. But the developers are silent. Just a “We are aware of this bug, we’re working on a hotfix” would be helpful: some honesty and transparency is badly needed, and has been for months.

it was +3/3 armor in castle and+4/+5 in imp

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And exactly that’s why I said I’m not sure I understood the op post. I have never seen or heard of this bug before.
Probably gonna get fixed in the next patch next week, though, yes, this stuff should have been solved by a hotfix (together with the malay bug).

Just wondering: Is abusing bugs against the rules and thus a reason to ban players? If the devs have made mistakes, so the game has some bugs, is using the bugs a reason to be banned?

I guess so. It is cheating in a way

I think if for 24 days they don’t care enough about the community to even release a statement about this bug, that use of the bug should be promoted, and encouraged. If more people talk about it or see it, there will be more pressure on MS, and more chance it might force them to do something.


The maker of the 256x tech mod wrote the following on Reddit.

Original thread on Reddit

Considering how many issues the mod causes and how much people care about having this kind of cheat code compared to just having a official data mod, you don’t need to be a M.Ba to see that the tradeoff just isn’t worth it.


He does have a point tbf

Actually they did responded :slightly_smiling_face: Also they hide earliest reports to avoid people abusing this glitch. They probably didn’t want to talk about it to avoid more people using it.


Where did they respond?

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