Going above and beyond cheat

Any way to use it even though i haven’t created 3 arbleist’s in a single game…? what does the cheat i use in single player has to do with online events you bunch of freaks

If you dont unlick it during the event, then you have no other change to get it. I agree with you that it is pretty bad design. I wasnt able to unlock some things, because i didnt own the game from release. While i just paid the full price, i dont have access to the full game.

I kind of understand why the devs do this. It let you come back to the game, just to unlock everything. And if you come back, you will play more, and that is what the devs want.

I would really love that there is a second change to get the stuff. Like if you didnt unlock something, then you get it after 2 months or something like that.

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That makes sense with Icons and other stuff other people can see online, not with limitations in single player mode, i feel like the dev’s maintaining this game are left overs from the enterprise who could not work on Age 4 because they where not qualified

They should allow us, who couldn’t be there for the event to own it few months later. Maybe by finishing campaigns or something.

So, at the end there is no way to get this cheat?
Mods are not working as they should, chrashing game. I bought this game 2 moths age and im a little bit dissapointed.

I don’t know if there’s any way to unlock it now, though I’d imagine if it’s causing game-breaking glitches or crashes with certain mods you could submit a ticket to solve it.

I do think that 256 tech is a cool option, and while I’ve practically never played it, I think it’d be wise to make it accessible to all players, not hidden behind an event. I’m not against certain things being rewarded as event only, but I think 256 tech is very different, since it’s got the potential to spawn a completely different game mode only people with access to the cheat can play.

If you consider this cheat like an unlockable game mode, it makes a lot less sense to lock access like this.