Going above and beyond not working

Anyone having this issue with the cheat code not working, used to work fine for me not anymore.

It works for me. Are cheats enabled in your game? They are always enabled in campaigns, but you need to enable them with checkbox in standard/multiplayer game lobby.

Did you unlock it during the event and did you sign in into your xbox live account during the event?

If you dont unlock it during the event, then you cant use the cheat code at all.
If you didnt sign in during the event, then you lost the cheat code at the end of the event.

I am having the same issue. I signed in, I unlocked the cheat, all of that. Worked fine.

Now, I enter the cheat and the game accepts it, since it doesn’t appear in the Chat. I queue up Loom and it can only be researched once. It’s driving me nuts!

Thanks for the reply, yeah i unlocked it, can’t verify the second point, that might be the reason though, I don’t play it that much just wanted to have some fun in the campaign maps with the cheat. Is there a way to get it or is there a mod where you modify the files and get it by default. Thanks in advance.