Gold Trickle Treasures Work only Once

One of the African maps have gold trickle treasures that give 39 gold per minute.

The first time I got this treasure it worked.
However, I didn’t get more gold when I claim the second and third treasures of the same type.

I don’t believe it is supposed to work like that.

That’s precisely how it is intended. The treasure provides you with a tech that can only be “researched” once. This also occurs with the +5 population cap treasure found on Punjab.


In that case we probably don’t need to have the same treasure repeats itself around the map 5 or 6 times.
That is just a suggestion.

The same treasure might occur several times on a map because of RNG not because it was intended, but good to know that only one is needed

Everyone has it in their base.

still good to pick them up so the other guy doesn’t


xd that´s what i call strategy

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