Golden Age - Gather Rate Incorrect


Unsure if this is just a tool-tip displaying incorrectly or if the gather rate is off but I’ve noticed the Gather Rate when golden-age 1 hits displays at 15% in the House of Wisdom, but the buff applied to the villagers says it’s only a 10% increase.

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I will test quickly to check if it is a tooltip bug, but I can tell you already that the Golden Age III give 20% as I tested this before.

I just tested it quickly in-game. It seems to be a tooltip but while the actual bonus is 15%. You can be sure it is not 10%. In fact even the income (if no tech is researched yet) taking into account the farmer’s movements for example increases by more than 10% (got 11.2% in my test)

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Thank you for testing this!

Thank you for reporting @Otthum and @ProtossAMove. I believe this was changed in the last big update. 15% is indeed the correct value, we just need to get that tooltip updated. Much appreciated!

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