Golden gosth and place holder

Golden gosth look cool.

I was thinking that maybe allow Golden gosth to be a place holder for units.

It will be a cool addition to the game, see villager work in diferent position on the buildings, where golden animation are, insted of hamering the land.

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I long as I have the option to turn that off. I’m on the other side of the fence, I would disable ghosts and buildings scaffolding completely for better clarity.


I understand your point of view and maybe allow to have a option to deactivate it in costum map.

But we realy need to put the golden guy has place holder, in the base game and the ranked game.

It is one of the most needed game mecanic that will give more new quality to the game and give a reason to the anoying golden thing and the scaffolding.

Maybe allow close ranged units to attack scaffoldind, to make villager fall , allowing close combat units to attack villager.

Also, allow archer to hit villager up of the scaffolder, whit no need to break the scaffolder.

It will only give more deep mecanic and quality to the game.

it is also a mecanic that will not realy affect deeply game strategy of players.