Gone out if sync at kurikara coop mission

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  • GAME BUILD #: latest
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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gone out of sync

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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nice smooth coop game

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I can also recreate this regularly, each time.

For me, it happens when the you lose control of the camera and it pans over to the lighthouse. When you gain camera control again, it crashes to desktop.

Hey @JigMcGalliger and @BootJenna ,
for a smooth investigation it would really help us, if you could post your sync logs, both yours and your coop friend. Could you please upload them here?
Thanks a lot

Where can I find the sync log and I can only upload mine because I didn’t play with friend, i play with the stranger online.

Well, thats bad luck, we need all sync logs to appropriately investigate it.
Luckily we have those from other people so this issue is now properly tracked, thanks!

ok, thanks for the reply

Can you provide the steps to retrieve sync logs?

Can you provide the steps to retrieve sync logs?

I guess not?

The same thing happened again right at the lighthouse moment. This time I was on the secondary player end. Where exactly are the “sync” logs?

@JigMcGalliger I really apologize for the time taken to reply sync logs can be found in “C:\Users\USER\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs” and will have this format “140673-2021.06.08-13.35.20-sync.txt” we would need the logs from both players for further investigation. Thanks a lot

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Joshc14 and I have logs of the desync for this scenario. We played on August 21.

Ante (me):


Here’s the link to the whole folder: sync bug - Google Drive

@DirefulLily9407 and @ChristheCo , hope these sync.txt logs help! Their original names are 112514051-2021.08.21-16.43.46-sync.txt and 112514051-2021.08.21-18.43.45-sync.txt (The time difference is because we live in two different time zones.).

Thanks for the logs, this issue is now being tracked.

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113027173-2021.08.24-00.43.13-sync.txt (26.2 MB)
107937682-2021.07.31-03.51.24-sync.txt (16.0 MB)
107119023-2021.07.26-22.10.46-sync.txt (10.1 MB)
107116484-2021.07.26-21.52.44-sync.txt (5.6 MB)

The logs are kinda large, but one of these has my game with BootJenna (the earliest one, iirc) when we got desynced around the lighthouse camera pan. Another contains the same desync issue with another random player.

nice to see you here!

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Yasss, we should play again.

I really like the coop and just beat my first mission on hardest with a rando and am looking forward to new missions, idc if they’re just reworked campaign/historical battles to work for more than one player, I want more.

If they really want your logs from our game, check the file timestamps you got against the ones I uploaded ending with “-sync”

the issue hasn’t been fixed? because with my friend we’re still having the issue.

me too, jig and i also tried few days ago and it is still happening