Good British strategy's

Anyone give me some links or ideas or names I can youtube on strategy’s for the British? Are the British weak vs any civ?


Ah, a brittish enthousiast! You can read all about the civilisation’s strategies here. Here’s a quick look at some stuff i found about the brittish.

The Good Stuff

  • The manor house creates one villager when built essentially making the villager race easier for you!
  • Light infanty and NAVY based civilisation
  • Unique unit - The longbowman - Similar to a skirmisher but with a larger range and slightly higher damage output.
  • Brittish units can counter any other unit (if used effectively)

The Bad Stuff

  • The manor house is a double edged sword - you can’t destroy it, so build it somewhere out of the way.
  • Heavy infanty is quite weak
  • Never play on land-locked maps as the brittish (no naval combat)
  • Extremely limited military (not as much as the Ottomans, however)
  • Easily countered by heavy infantry and cannons.

The Interesting Stuff

  • Estates (an upgraded version of the manor) can produce villagers similar to how a town centre would.

That’s all from me, let me know if that helped! Good luck!

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if you’re looking for some more advanced advice, competitive with online play, there’s a decent guide here:

Britain is one of the strongest civilizations in AoE3. they can be 20 villagers ahead before Fortress Age, longbow men are one of the most powerful ranged infantry accessible in the Colonial Age, and they have access to every major unit type. good luck!

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You can find a lot of different builds for Brits and other civs here


Divide and rule. British own the trademark and copyright of this strategy :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Im going to look at them!