Good civs for a semi-beginner?

No idea. The Sicilians are actually kinda mid according to most people. What stats are you using? What map style and ELO range?

It’s just 1v1 random map but it is 850 elo and below so I guess that makes since. I think the Sicilians are a fun concept but kinda just weak.

Yeah, 850 ELO is not a good indicator. Try 1200+. That’s closer to being optimal while still not being a pro.

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Now the Teutons are the best, this is the opposite of how I remember things.

Hmmm, that’s very interesting. Skill levels are interesting for sure.

They had a good tech tree but very weak eco before. If you still liked them then you’ll surely like them now.

Imo, pick a strategy/build order you like, and pick civs based on that. Considering your elo, I’ll ignore drush.

Scouts: magyars, berbers, franks, mongols
Archers: Ethiopians, britons, Vietnamese, mayans
M@a: goths, bulgarians, japanese, dravidians, slavs

Knights: Franks, Teutons, Poles, Mongols, Berbers
Crossbows: Mayans, ethiopians, britons, Koreans
Camels: Berbers, Hindustani, Gurjaras
Elephants: Malay

This way, you’ll learn a general strategy you can use and pick between any of the civs as you please.