Good news (sort of) for AOM fans!

Check this interview out with what Adam Isgreen [former original C&C 1-2 dev, and current AOE Studios Director] had to say about definitive edition of AOM:


Hopefully we can enjoy later a definitive version of Age Of Mithology. Segards

I would love to see AoM:DE. The game also has immense potential for expansion. Mesoamerican mythology, Japanese, Indian, Persian etc.

I’m partial to a full blown sequel, one that maybe has the Knights of Camelot, the Sadhus of Vedic India and perhaps the Aztec Emperor all crossing paths. Could see a good deal of variety in a setup like that!

With that said, a DE of AOM could be neat too. AOM wasn’t my personal favorite of the Age games, but I always loved the setting, so I’d certainly like to see it brought back with a new coat of paint at the least.