Got into AOE 2 DE beta on steam cannot access how to play guidee

i cannot access this forum post telling me how to play the game once its downloaded

says “i dont have access to this topic” really?

HI @Txeptsyip, Please see the topic linked below for help gaining access to the beta forums as a AoE II: DE tester.

Just received the email a few minutes ago, same deal. But I cannot even access the troubleshooting steps above. Says access denied.

@tdc01 The beta forum access troubleshooting steps I linked above are in the public #insiders:insiders-support forums. Every forum user should have access to it. Are you saying you cannot access it?

Yep, but it appears I was able to access the closed forums and the instructions via my phone. Will ts what’s up with computer and use the instructions I can view on mobile. Thanks! Oddly enough though, I still get the access denied on that link.

I can not access to AOE 2 DE Forums and i have the invite and the game… :S

Hey guys, try logging out of your account and logging back in, it fixed the issue for me.