Gothic Loom Bonus and Old Aztec Bonus

I wondered what old civilizations had bonuses (usually imbalanced) and changed. I read most of civilizations change log on Fandom Wiki. I didn’t cared new civilizations. There are interesting bonuses, buffs and nerfs but I don’t want to talk about old bonuses and balance changes. Just Aztecs had free Loom in Age of Conquers (patch 1.0b). In the Forgetten, it changed to +50 starting gold because free Loom means a villager creation time (25 seconds) for free with villager safety.

There is screenshot of balance changes of Aztecs. Free Loom for Aztecs were imbalanced changed. But why developers added this old bonus to already buffed civilization, the Goths. It’s going to be immediate research according to leaks but it still gives free villager creation time (25 seconds).

According to the Fandom Wiki, Goths’ discount buffed and Huskarls buffed. This civilization received always buff, free and better version of arson, free loom and pairing civ discount to Dark Age. Discount was %35 in feudal pairing this nerfed castle age and feudal age but in dark age it’s big advantage. I suggest completely removing loom bonus. Not every civilization needs or must have early eco bonus.

Sorry for my mistakes. I don’t know English well. What do you think? Are playing with old nerfed bonuses makes sense?


i think you should click on the little magnifying glass on the top right hand of the screen and search goths and see how many threadds have covered this over and over and over and over…

people have explained why goths need those buffs…