Goths latest buff is stupid, 22 pop buid barrack, man at arms rush

#$%$$$$%** , it 's borken the game, please revert the buff


Come on, it’s like a bad joke, the new patch made them very hard to beat and it’s unbalanced.

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Just scout them to see if they’re going full drush and then build walls, not like they can shoot you over them.

There’s a lot of people who thinks like that. Most probably, this change would be reversed

The only civ allowed to bork around here is the Vikings…

I think with drush it is even more powerful. Hopefully they remove it completely instead of just reducing the amount.

Sounds good doesn’t work.
Goths are just too strong now. He will force you to go archers with like 20 militia in your base and then have the farms and eco to go FC drop a castle and destroy your 30+ army of xbows with like 2 huskarls It seems to work just fine. At a lower level it can feel biased in favor of the attacking player, but others strats are like that, such as the Inca tower rush.

Okay first of all why did you assume I was a lower rated player? Whats your definition of a lower rated player? I was 2k on Steam. Yes, that’s not as good as 2k on voobly but that still makes me better than most player in the community. But if you are gonna call me a lower rated player that makes me think you are referring to anyone who is not top 50 in the world. Which beats your point anyway as you are suggesting you need to be worlds best to counter Goths.

Second this video is not a good example of Goths not needing a nerf. Viper played this game really bad. The map was weird he lost 2 vils on gold to enemy scout for nothing. Then his biggest fault was not making cheap pikemen way earlier. He should have just tech switched to pikes and skirms and stopped making longswords until liereyys gold was running out. Or viper could have mined more stone and dropped towers and a castle and then made some OP xbow slayer Huskarls mixed with pikes. (which is what my opponent made as a come back army last time I destroyed him with with FF archers then xbows in castle) Viper literally choose the worst possible unit vs knights and xbows by using longswords as his main army.

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Sorry if it made you feel offended, but the consensus (from what I read) is that it does have counterplay but only “high level” players can counter it reliably as of now. There was no precision as to what “high level” means, but I don’t think it’s the top 50. As of the game, he had skirms and archers of his own. He did mistakes, but Lierrey also did (like the moment where he had like 10 villies running around the map instead of working because he got caught off guard) And sure, Huskarls are OP archer slayers, but Samurai are OP Huskarl slayers…

Okay, I get it. I am not offended or anything I just find it counter productive to your argument that you need to be pro to counter Goths to support that they aren’t too broken. And for the game yeah they both made mistakes. Viper also took awful trades as he was getting baited by Lierreys villagers so it was hard to tell if that engagement was good or not. Again viper should have made pikes way earlier. Seemed like an off day for Viper. Maybe he wanted to see how far he could push the “future of Goths” series by sticking to the militia line as his main army.

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bro its cactus’s usual response to almost anyone makign any recommendation “pros did so and so, therefore the balance is fine” :laughing:

It’s because I think that in AoE2’s case, “trickle-down balance” (ie.balance for pros/high level) makes games at all other levels balanced. In other games where there are really different game modes/rules for casual/pro, it’s not always the case, but not in AoE2 (except some rare situations like 1000 pop diplomacy or stuff like that). I also trust the pros more here because I’ve seen overeactions like “OP Goths = OP Cuman” even tho it’s clearly nowhere comparable. As far as I know Goths aren’t insta win like Last Khan civs where on release.