Goths- Make huskarls as cheap as goth condottiero and give goths supplies for the champion line and make supplies an imperial age tech

which is as it should be. the civ should have a weakness, and if you’re going for quantity, the weakness is quality. if they had great quality too, the civ would be almost unstoppable. the only civs who could beat them is a civ that has an insanely strong infantry unique unit or cavalry unit that resists halbs.
so basically your options are vikings, aztecs, japanese or byzantines.

What you view them as, is completely the contrary of what they are.

Huskarls are a Melee Skirmisher that actually deals damage against buildings aswell.
Teutonic Knights are Melee focused Infantry that can take long slogging matches.

They are completely different concepts.

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or a waste of resources that gets destroyed by archers, siege onagers, leitis, cataphracts, etc…

They do well against Paladins, Hussars, Eagles and Champions.

TKs are only there to keep your Teuton Siege alive, and safe from fast Melee units.
How well they accomplish the job is debatable, but they are completely diferent to the fully offense oriented Huskarl.

yeah but i’m not going to be stupid enough to see my opponent is making TK and be like “LETS ENGAGE THOSE WITH MELEE UNITS” when i could easily kite them to death with archers.

very true. but yeah. point is. running into TK with most melee units would be something we call suicide.

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That’s true, you need to support teutonic knights with units that take down their weaknesses and vice versa, I like using the healing fortress and a maximum of 20 extra teutonic knights (a seperate formation) on the exterior to make the enemy send everything they got at them while supporting with other units as well to counter their weaknesses, be they my own units or an ally’s units - honestly best ally unit is a huskarl to counter ranged units harder

Goths don’t need a buff

Yeah they lose vs other infantry but that shouldn’t be an issue if you actually lean into their bonuses
When you attack, off a half decent economy you’re able to field a virtually endless army because of how cheap it is to make as goths. Lean into their bonuses. Obviously you’re going to lose in pitched battles against better infantry civs (ignoring the fact that they get hand cannon) but that’s not an issue because you can produce double the amount of units that they can with the same economy. It’s never about winning one big fight, it’s about the follow up, and once you’re in a half decent position with goths you have infinite army. Goths are basically unkillable in imperial age after perfusion unless you’re already killing them.

If you’re fighting with equal numbers as goths, then you’re doing something wrong.


Troll topic of the day


You’re not wrong, but with the introduction of supplies to infantry civs other than the goths they lose allot of their advantage as far as price wars go

okay and with the introduction of bloodlines frankish paladins lost a lot of their advantages over other civs. they still have an advantage though.
Goths infantry is not only still cheaper then other civs (because their bonus applies to all infantry, and the entire cost, not just militia line, and only the food cost), but they make their infantry faster too.

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Some civs lost supplies recently, which is good for goths

but none of them infantry civs, which is what he wants buffs against.

which on one hand is understandable, infantry civs are where goths struggle the most (3 of their top 5 lowest winrates are against infantry civs).
on the other hand Goths do so well against non infantry civs that making them stronger vs infantry civs would be a huge issue.

There have been posts around the net asking for franks to gain bloodlines for a few years now

i sure as heck haven’t seen them, and frankly, Franks don’t need any buffs either. they are straight up an S tier Civ atm.

Nobody serious or anyone that understands balance asks for it


i mean maybe pre chivalry era, but now that chivalry exists, its not a real issue.


yup chivalry, foraging bonus, squires, all cavalry benefiting from HP bonus and TAxemen buffs made Franks better than they were ever


Im sorry but has anyone asked if you even play ranked? You want to nerf supplies which nerfs militia line which is potentially THE MOST contested unit in the game, tons of people explaining why they are currently too weak and you want to nerf them even more :open_mouth:

Supplies was made a feudal tech for a reason.

Next, i agree with everyone else, goths are situationally nigh unstoppable imperial age, you’re trying to break the game. If anything goths can get a feudal and/or castle age buff. But certainly not imperial.

There already exists almost impossible imperial match ups like mayan vs goths, this would swing it even further


I’m a teuton player, I respect the goths and enjoy the matchup, but I also know they have a steep hill to climb to defeat me even in imperial age as long as I maintain focus and keep the healing fortress and co. alive, maybe it’s a difference in civ experience

If you move Supplies to imperial you defeat the whole purpose for which the devs added Supplies (and that was clearly to make longswords viable in castle age, which still failed and I think supplies aren’t a good solution to it but thats a topic for another post)