Graphics and hotkeys set-up profiles

Pretty basic and easy to implent I believe but I think this might be a descent quality of life improvement for more people.

In short:

  • Ability to save graphics (maybe also sound individually, for the streamers). Ability to mark them “suitable” for ranked games.
  • Ability to save a hotkey setup.

I myself like to play the campaings as beautifull as they come, also i believe i can push my PC graphics further then the ranked games allow me when playing trough the lobby some random games like BF, FN, CBA.
Also in the campaigns I have no need for the grid layout. In fact i dont like it in the campaign because its ugly. Howerver it is offcourse required in competive, same with small tree’s.

i would love to have several graphics setup for myself to be able to switch easy and not having to re-benchmark every time i want to do a ranked game.

Simmilar to the hotkeys set-up, playing a regular matched game is verry different from FN/ CBA or the x9 x256 mods etc. Would be nice to able to specifiy certain keybindings easy without having to manually switch them around every time i switch game type

Graphics profiles.

  • Unlimited
  • Option to rename them on save or simply in the minimenu where they are listed
  • Ability to switch while in game
  • Option to test a graphics set up for ranked games ( to find an optimal one) or multiple if you feel like having it. (eg. “minimal graphics RM” “optimal graphics RM” etc. So you can switch and you don’t have to re-bench mark but that game knows that this setup is aproved.

in addition please

  • please make a customazible grid with custom “thickness” "transparancy and collor of the grid
  • please make small tree’s available in standard menu as promised
    *options: Normal trees, smaller trees (in between), small trees (like the mod), Sumi Trees (the colored blocks)
  • please make an option to remove the “random” flora that isn’t a tree

Key bindings


EDIT: Hidden because it became obsolete after the second reply in this topic.

  • Unlimited
  • Option to rename them on save or simply in the minimenu.
  • ability to switch while in game

In addition

  • per profile the standard amount of market resources that you sell (prolly when pressing shift or something ( FN you want steps of 10.000 not 100).

Because there is already a feature with Hotkey profiles.

  • Small QOL improvements could be to make it slighlty more vissible, and the addition of properly managing them ingame with copying a profile or a “save as” so you can build upon you previous setup even for testing new ones without destroying the old.
  • Still would love the Custom market.

Thank you reading I hope you want to take it into consideration.

PS: i know some things can be done trough Mods, i just consider that some feature should be simply in game, without to much custom work arounds…

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I really like the idea of custom profiles especially for hotkeys as well given that you maybe want to try new hotkey setups without having to manually remember

However, I do not get this:

  • please make small tree’s available in standard menu as promised (why? As a mod is fine now isnt it? Not mod like for HD where you have to search for the steam workshop and stuff, but easily in the main menue)
    Nor this:
  • please make an option to remove the “random” flora that isn’t a tree (there is also a great mod for this, its called “useless plants remover” (see here:

Thank you for your thoughts though! I do get your point and agree 99% :slight_smile:

Yes i know there is a tree mod, and did see the mod that removes flora. Its just nice to have it in game as basicly everyone uses it and it helps that you can integrate it in the profiles…

Not sure if you can disable/enable these much while in game, that would be the greatest problem solved by my suggestion…

Nothing like beeing in FN game and forgetting to enable your small tree mod (A)

You can already change hotkey-profiles in-game.
The little feather-icon lets you rename them, the + add a new one (allowing you to specify from the default ones as template) and the x allows you to delete them.

You can’t copy a hotkey-profile from in-game.
You can’t “save as” a hotkey-profile.

You can easily manage them and make copies of them here:
C:\Users[your user name]\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE[large number]\profile

And you can also more easily edit them and (perhaps share them) with this convenient tool:

I don’t know what the limit for hotkey profiles is. Are you hitting it?

Thank you dear sir!

i was not aware of this feature and its verry helpfull as to what i wished for. The interface could be improved slightly in my honest opinion and addition of copying a profile.

i did not hit the limit for profiles because i was not aware that they implented it. Its verry small to see.

i will edit my OP to match accordingly with this new information

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Hotkeys need a overlay of the letter on their icon. it is the best way to learn the game and reduce time for newer players who end giving up on the game because they dont improve.