Graphics Card dxdiag problem

I have a 2gb graphics card. But there is this problem
Nvdia GTX960 2gb

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Same here, can confirm that re-uploading did not fix it. I checked last week and was pretty sure this wasn’t an issue. I hope it gets fixed before the next round of invites!

Same issue here, hope it will not be a problem to take part in the beta.

I use 950m. I have that same issue

its because you guys use laptops and therefor have inferior GPUs.

the system detects that you use these GPUs hense the warning, though i think its doubtful you wont get in because of this.

its sad :cry:

I beg to differ. The exclamation mark is there because the dual GPU (integrated and discrete) mode is in effect. Some laptops support discrete GPU only mode via BIOS and if you switch the GPU to discrete/dedicated only, you will not see this exclamation mark.


Same issue here. Im pretty sure that I hadnt this error before.

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this is not the cause of the error

Then what is the cause of the error?

hatanın nedeni :
unable to detect our graphics card

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oyun nasıl? çok değişiklik var mı?

Bana bu sebepten dolayı key gelmedi aranızda key alabilen var mı?

Does anyone have a key?

I’ve got the same problem using 1080ti’s with SLI, hope I don’t miss out on the beta because of it.