Graphics mods for the Amerindian Civ campaigns

At some point I want to replay the Amerindian Civs campaigns (or scenario for the Mayans) and beyond building graphics (apparently the architecture was WAY more colorful in these civilization’s prime) there’s the simple fact that the Melee line is all wrong for them, as they had no iron weapons. Now there’s LOADS of more or less compatible reskins for the archer line, so no crossbowmen.

But what about the militia line? Are there reskin mods designed to do this? I have no idea what kinds of infantry would be appropriate for the Inca campaign, and I kind of imagine if there’s a more historical fix it would work for the Dos Pilas campaign and the first two missions of Montezuma, but afterwords you have the Spanish and the Natives pulling from the same militia and/or pikemen line.

Has anyone done this? A simple reskin you pop in as the mission/campaign requires? I tried looking for them but not found them as reskins in any case. I want my new playthrough to count for the Gold disk, so I can’t use datamods.

You cant have new graphics without a data mod.

You couldn’t do civ specific reskins, but if you want one that reskins all the units for everyone, you can create it. Just find the units you want to use instead, find the units you want to replace, create a new mod, and copy paste in the files you want to see. Then rename them to the units you want to replace. Also, do you mean American civs?

Yeah, I’m looking for pre-made reskins, mostly because I’m very VERY new to modding and finding assets is a nightmare and how much can you use the Alognquin Warroir in say an Andean context?

Even having a discussion of the types of units the Spanish use on their barracks line in the missions gives an option of just reskining on a mission basis and you as a player have an option to simply not upgrade as you are the Aztecs and you are at a disadvantage.

I mean, outside of the eagle/Jag warrior lines, what melee line unit DOESN’T use iron weapons and swords?

Give this mod a try:

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Datamod and therefore unacceptable. Only a reskin that doesn’t count as a cheat will suffice. I play for the gold disk.

Either make it yourself, or deal with the historical inaccuracies.

why is datamod unacceptable?

It counts as cheats and invalidates achievements, so he won’t be able to get the gold medal he wants.


That’s the problem, I don’t know how and though the scenario editor is breeze to use (up to the scripting which I haven’t used yet) the organization of the graphics files leaves a lot to be desired.

If you have a tutorial on how to make a mod for swapping out reskins I will be happy watch and be very very grateful.

But the problem remains that the problem is search engine is…not great at specifics.