Graphics vs original aoe

Hello AOE community,
I was watching a graphic comparision at
and it confirmed what was, until then, a feeling during gameplay…

The archers and horses looked better in original, even with pixely texture. There is a certain shine on cataphract armor which makes it look gold plated. But new graphics show it quite dull.

Secondly, composite bowman’s dress really looks elegant in original aoe. But its over-simplified in remastered version.

Finally, I find hoplites much superior in original. There round shields with decorations is greatly missed. Hoplites in new version seem cartoony shadow of previous self.

Am i the only one who finds these units better in original?

That being said, overall I find the new graphics lot better. Ships, buildings have greatly improved. Villager movement is much better animated. Terrain is superior.

Yeah I think some of the units have lost a little bit of character. The old units while only 55 pixels high and 256 colours were kind of good :slight_smile:

@Abhiphalanx7 said:
Am i the only one who finds these units better in original?

We are so many, you have no idea…

I think I was inspired when I asked for refund after pre-order! I quite nice with the original one with HD pack!