Great entry into AoE: Some things that NEED to be changed!

Been playing basically non-stop since release and I think there are several issues that are standing in the way of it being more than great, but excellent.

I. Fixing all the upgrade bugs discussed in the bug report forum. I’ve also noticed that on occasion villagers will leave buildings 99% complete.

II. Mini-map needs to be 50% bigger. As it is it’s too difficult to read with all the icons. This is such an important part of good RTS games and it’s difficult to believe that it’s in this state. Moreover, where is the support for ultrawide resolutions? UI needs to be able to be centred.

This is my screen, as you can see the info panel and mini-map are not only small but completely out of focus of the player.

III. Pings need to be much more visible and noticeable. Also, why does the chat feel so delayed? There is a noticeable delay between input and display,.

IV. Map generation is pretty weird at times. In larger team games it can get quite imbalanced with resources/relics/sacred sites, giving one side of the map large advantages.

V. The waypoint marker looks cool, I suppose, but it’s very difficult to see exactly where it is. This is the worst when setting waypoints on resources.

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