Great job relic this game is dope AF

So far I have played 3hrs but absolutely loving it, despite not addressing the feedback from betas, this game is a lot for fun and of very high production value and quality. I played some campaign and Skirmish and absolutely amazing. All civs feel different at the same time they all have a common ground. The perfect asymmetry while not alienating people if they switch a civ.

The documentary style campaigns are fantastic, and how the gameplay acts like a more of an abstraction symbolism for actual events is just amazing. Seeing the old battlefields made my hair stand up and how land does not have any marks of the past events, but history does, just very well thought out approach.

Overall fantastic job, and finally people can play a classic straightforward RTS. No gimmicks like cover, orbital strike, jump packs, skillshots that hardly matter etc. A simple but a classic approach that many of us were waiting. This game packs the right amount of innovation that genre wanted, but not going overboard.

Thanks and good luck, hope you address issues like UI, hotkeys, tooltips, smart selection not working, disable right click garrison, and unbinding alt key to to use it for combo interactions etc.

have fun all.


Hey they released an unfinished game which doesn’t have lots of features some people can’t even start the game and u say good job ? There are so many problems in this game and all that for 60 € ? And I don’t even see any info of them if they will fix anything . It’s like game is sold no more time wasting in this one


this is a good game an im loving it… lets hope things get better after modding tools are realeased


Can you be more specific on all of those groundbreaking issues that you seem to refer to? Because for me the game runs smoothly and is awesome to play.

Or are you just complaining just for the sake of doing it?


Do not ask any thing and you will not know deception. XD

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I definitely agree. This game is real good. I’ve never been much of a PVP and competitive player but this game draws me to it. Never really got that out of AoE3 and AoE2. I usually just fought with or against friends. This game has gone way up in my list of favorite games, and I only played like three hours.

I do have to say though, I am having some issues with the level of zoom. As the Abbasids I have to make a ton of buildings for the house of wisdom, so the base is usually large and you have to pan around it. Not too much of a problem though.

But hell, they really pulled the game together. With all this negativity around I had assumed it would be much worse.


This forum is a little echo-chamber for negativity lol


When I played beta I said that this game is good. After I play the game I say that this game will be perfect at near future :slightly_smiling_face:


Game will be much more successful than DoW 3 in attracting some “RTS-lite”/MOBA players, which I think is the whole point of this title. It’s really a repeat of DoW 3 this time just a much more recognizable franchise. I don’t really think they care about old AoE 2 players and the hard core audience.

On that point, you are rigth. :confused:

The game was made for the untuch casual base.

In that sense that is a very good job.
I see in some other forum where people point out the lack of functions as basic as player color choice or hotkey customization, there are some newcoming players saying “It’s fine. Game has just come out. It takes time to polish.”
Clearly it has already successfully attracted quite a few players who rarely took AOE or RTS seriously. Whether they will remain is a different question.


I had no idea this was how the campaign would be shown and I think it is such a modern way to make a campaign feel more than simple “grab this town with the provided army cause that’s what happened”. Very immersive.

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Yes, I’m having a blast playing it as well. Even just the branching choices with landmarks open up totally different approaches and options in terms of strategy. They also fixed the shift click issues in the game - ie. you can now shift click monks to pick up and drop off relics smoothly, I’d imagine it’s the same for scouts picking up and dropping off animal carcasses.
Now they should have time to add some extra polish to some of the things OP pointed out. I also wish hotkeys for buildings (F1, H, etc.) did not move the camera to centre on them unless you double tapped - past Relic RTS were like this - so you could manage a battle and queue reinforcements without the camera being moved away. Minor QoL things like this would be nice.


tbh half the people I know played AoE II as a medieval simcity, so it’s not like that game is oriented towards hardcore players by design. Neither then nor now