Great Poll about autoqueue!

It’s a controversial topic subject to heated debates.

I think that if we put forward the best arguments for and against, despite going against the current, the arguments in favor come out on top.

I will provide several options. Greetings.

  • Automatic queue only for villagers and only in quick match/custom games.
  • Automatic queue only villagers and in all modes (whether or not they impose a production penalty in ranked games).
  • Optional automatic queue for all unit production, but not in ranked mode.
  • Optional automatic queue for all unit production, including ranked mode.
  • Automatic queue should not officially exist.
  • Automatic queue only in custom games.
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AOE tries to stick to the formula and so they avoid a lot of ideas, some that have been around in other games for decades like auto queue. Personally, I think they should keep AOE 4 the way it is and then make a new game someday that has auto queue, day/night cycles, 10,000+ pop cap, etc.

Most important thing in strategy games is the own strategy, decisions and macrogestion.

All the process that do not affect the player’s decision-making that could be automated should be able to be automated. Like unit´s gather points, production queues (original aoe1 didnt have it),… all those are quality live game changes

All innecesary micro only make you to choose worse strategy decisions in game and scare new competitive players.


I agree. At least I see it to start with quick match and optional custom and then it escalates.

What is an RTS?

This question is kind of meaningless, for there are too many varying degrees of games that exists in this genre. You can draw similarities between some, but for the most part, they have different appeals.

Having said that, AoE has always had a specific appeal. AoE2 specifically shared traits with contemporary games like Broodwar, traits of mechanical input being the limiter to how much the player themselves can exert their skills in the games. Starcraft featured boxy, clunky unit collision that made all the difference in whoever microed them the best. The best of players were only limited by how quickly and efficiently they could expand, control many different armies, and win battles. Each one of these things was another ball to juggle, and it results obvious differences between the casual and professional. By how many units they managed to command, how many bases they managed to build out, and how much production they were able to keep up.

AoE2 was always more economical in this sense. But, this economy was everexpanding at the hands of the player themselves. Efficiently placing drop off points, quickly putting down farms, quickwalling or dodging arrows. Of course, expansion too is part of this, and it is just another ball for a skillfull player to juggle–and successfully doing so, rewards them.

All of this talk about removing these entities is eventually going to result in a very boring game. As with my opener, what is an RTS? Do you merely wish to watch units battle each other like those mobile game ads?

What fun do YOU derive from these games? In trying to recreate the success of AoE2, I think it is paramount to not forget what made it successful or different.

I’m one of those that is of the opinion that automatic farm reseeding was a bad change. Because in my eyes, the limiting factor of how much a player can handle, absolutely should be limiting their economy–that is the point of an RTS like this. While it is less accessible, which I read in your other post, and is why you seem to believe autoqueue should be a good thing, I would argue that not every game is for everyone and trying to create something like that, as valiant as it may be, should only make sense if it keeps the quality for everyone equally.

What do I mean? Chess is a game that is accessible to everyone, and that is also somewhat the point. Yet, its fun is not lowered by this fact. What if, however, you decided to add autoaim to FPS games? this would heavily influence the very point of that game, despite making it more accessible.

And let us not mistake accessibility and empathy for those who struggle with such things as the point. The reality of big gaming doing what I described above with autoaim, is that this yields them more money–it does not make for a better product for everyone.

I already believe that AoE4 lacks a tremendous amount of depth. I do not want it to turn into an army clashing simulator more than it already is, with no real effort behind the expansion, creation and usage of armies and mechanics. Creating your villagers is the bare minimum barrier to entry.

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I will also say that this genre is not so injured that you need to forsake every single thing that is crucial to its essence, for the sake of “broadening” its audience. It does not take long to queue up into a game, for what reason do you need a million more players?

If you believe this would lead to more content, I’m sorry to say, but these companies to not operate like this. Long gone are the days of equating income with quality of products. MBAs and corporate investors have ruined every company out there, including Relic. There is a reason why Blackbird exists and is far more successful, if you are curious about this.

Moreover, I feel the constant bickering about autoqueue is heavily related to streamers. There is another subject they too keep asking about, which is F2P. Let me spell it out for you.

You. Don’t. Benefit. From. More. Players.

You don’t need a viewbase. They do. The constant suggestions from them that aim to bring in more players are biased for they are dissatisfied with the game they picked to make content for. This should NOT influence the game itself, and you, as a player, and a fan of these individuals, need to be responsible in understanding that regurgitating their words blindly may cause harm to the very game you enjoy playing.

Here I asked about automatic queueing, especially for villagers (although I mentioned other options), not about auto-raid, automacro, autobuild or automicro, and I see a reduction to the “almost absurd” as if it’s going to be a mobile game just because it implements a new mechanic already existing in other RTS games (yes, probably Empire Earth 2, Rise of Nations or Age of Mythology are mobile RTS games and lost their essence because they can’t manage their economy).

Since you’re against automatically reseeding farms, a mechanic that, among others, is tedious for many and repels more players than anything else, that’s why the devs of AOE2 DE were smart. You must also be against automatic rallying points, meaning that when an economic or military unit is produced, the rally point assigned disappears, and every X seconds, you have to reassign it.

It seems that you don’t believe much in the quality of life in the gameplay of an RTS game. I don’t know, maybe we need to evolve from the 90s and seek a better gaming experience for more people, or perhaps for you, it’s best that the genre continues to decline and tell people that if they don’t like doing excessive tasks at once, they should look for something else. Who will the developers listen to with these statements? We’ll see.

The most famous RTS is Starcraft 2, and it’s currently hovering around the top 80-100. Maybe the genre needs to broaden its niche to attract more players and provide a better gaming experience, but I see that as a bias of content creators, and it’s better to just enjoy the game even if it’s dead, rather than wanting the game to do well for the sake of AOE4 and for the sake of RTS games.

Matchmaking when there are few players shows that it DOES INFLUENCE the game experience.


You never enjoy making a excess of innecesary micro. You enjoy controling the game, battles, economies…

If you need less micro to innecesary things like staying all the time renewing production queues, you have more free to stay in battle and use more micro in battles and others important issues.

AoE has gone progresively reducing innecesary micro in their games. Innecesary micro isnt fun.

A different point would be to automate processes that take decisions away from the player. I dont want this.