Greek Fire needs to increase projectile speed along with range

I’m not sure if this is true, but a post I saw on Reddit claims that Greek Fire causes the Byzantine Fire Ships to start missing their targets at maximum range. If it IS true, that’s pretty sucky.

To address this, it couldn’t hurt to have Greek Fire also increase the projectile speed of the Byzantine Fire Ships. Perhaps that could solve the problem.

If this has already been fixed, though, then I wasn’t aware.

I think a better idea would be for Greek Fire to give Fire Ships +1 range AND 100% accuracy, so they can’t actually miss.
Or, if the idea sounds too broken (I really have no idea) then maybe the range bonus can be dropped.

That would be a very big buff, as fires could then concentrate fire on a single ship (right now, other ships can block the damage). However, seeing how bad the tech is right now that might actually be justified.