Gren got over nerfed

Gren damage vs LI, Arty and Cav nerfed by 40%. Brit advanced grenades moved to Age IV and Swede Grenadiers no longer get bonus damage with Platoon fire.

In the beta the only grenadiers that were having a real problem was Swede Gren (Bonus damage vs cav, damage and HP) and Fortress age Brit gren push in big team games. With platoon fire no longer affecting Swede grens and advanced grenades in Age IV, this has been largely addressed.

But then grens got their damage against everything that isn’t heavy infantry by 40%. Arty nerf isn’t very impactful as grens get countered hard by cannons anyways. If they we’re concerned that gren is too strong, they should move the grenade launcher card to Age IV and remove bonus range.

If that wasn’t enough, their ranged resistance is lower and deal less siege damage. They are even worse than old AoE 3 grens. At least you could do some strats with Otto and Brit or if Japanese player is spamming ashis.