Grenadiers - Nerfed again

The Grenadier has been nerfed again. For the first time in its lifecycle as a unit it was not held back by its animation and we could enjoy that for half a month in the beta.
Now in the offical release the Grenadier has lost 0.1 ranged resistance down to 0.4 and the most disgusting might just be, that if you are seeing a cav unit you might as well just delete your Grens. This must be the worst negative multiplier in the game right now, but grens only do 30% of their normal damage to cavalry units. Dafuq. I have never even seen a 0.3 multiplier.

It is kinda ridiculous that a unit, that has been a meme for 15 years is now useless again after not even carrying over its new strength in the official release. Like damn, why not delete the unit again from the mind of every player in the game…

Grens are already in their normal state vulnerable enough versus Cav. They have no melee armor and their melee attack is abyssimal. Why was the nerf needed at all? The got already ■■■■ upon by Hussars and Dragoons as well as Artillery, so why is this all necessary?? Would have been damn nice to see something besides Musk/Huss, Skirm/Goon… But here we go again.


I found the grenade launcher too OP

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