Grid building

Do you like the actual building attaching to grid system in the game?

Personally i don’t like how the buildings looks with those spaces, specially houses, if only i could build houses more closer like in AOE2.

What do you think?

  • Yes, i like it.
  • No, it needs to change.
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Honestly I probably wouldn’t even play the game if it wasn’t grid based.

You seem to be talking about two different things though.

AoE2 is also on a grid. The grid has nothing to do with the fact you can move between buildings in AoE4.

Yes, i didn’t explain well. So in this case, AOE4 grid system is more limited than AOE 2, that’s what i mean, so when you build it feels too spaced and you can’t make a compact base like in AOE 2 or wall yourself with houses.