Griot HP too high rant

These things are simply TOO tanky. 666 hp units in age3 for only 150 and spamming 14 of them is insane. No way to beat them. They have 15 hand attack on top of everything else they do… regular priests cost 150 gold and they only heal and punch 5 damage. They make cannons useless, why do they also get culvs? Please at least increase their cost and lower their punch attack to 5, or make them 2 pop.

15 hand attack, that’s insane .

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w8 how do they have 600hp?

their base HP is 360, the same as other healing units. Thier attack is higher then a priest but u never want to use that and its lower compared to the warrior priest

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this is a troll thread , dont worry

They have upgrades and cards that give them 600+ HP, I went back on the replay to double check I wasn’t tripping.

This griot tech is only useful at low level 1v1 or possibly treaty games. You need 2 cards and an specific age up. It’s not viable at high play to send all that.