Group commands doesn't work for buildings that are still in progress to build

Hello community and dev team,

I recognized, if I start building two TC in Castle age and I use the “append group” shortcut “shift + 4” to append these two TCs to my existing TC that already is inside group 4… and if my villagers are done with building the two TCs now, the Object ID seems to change and the TCs are not longer inside the appended group 4.
This behavior doesn’t happen with other buildings!
Complicated to explain so I help you with this list:

how to simulate this bug:

  1. Select your first TC
  2. Create a group 4 with “ctrl + 4”
  3. build two new TCs right next to your first TC
  4. double click your first TC, the other two TC’s will not be selected while they are still in build process (issue)
  5. select the two TCs and append them with “shift + 4” to that group while they are still in build process
  6. select group 4 by pressing “4” and wait until all TCs are done (you should now have selected 3 TC’s)
  7. when TCs are done, they are not longer selected and you can not longer select them by using your group 4 by pressing “4”. (main issue)
  8. now it’s possible to select all with double click and regroup them infinite (no wonder ;D) (this is correct behavior)

TCs should get same group and select behavior like baracks when building was completed.

Important for fix: the “go to towncenter” cycle command should not trigger TCs that are still in build process.

I think or at least hope this could be a simple mapping mistake and be fixed in secounds.

Thank you guys,