Group Team game crashes every second game

Hey I play a lot 2v2 quick search with a friend of mine.
Everytime we finished a game and searching a new one there are occuring several problems:

Sometimes Teammate cannot join lobby. Game needs to be closed and reastartet to fix this issue and are able to get together in group again.

Often if we make it into second game one player gets immidate kicked we warnings about leaving group. Sometimes it is also a drop out without group warning. And therefore eliminated…

Happens about 90% of time after the first match.

We need to leave group. Regroup and search then game. Then it seems fine.

Sorry you and your friend are running into this @Tedt4388! I’ll make sure the team takes a look. Next time you or your friend experiences this, I encourage you to contact support with your warnings.log file. It could be helpful in figuring out why you are seeing this. Thanks!