Growing sheep is too cumbersome

I’m new to the game, and I am currently trying to avoid hunting past the first herd (I don’t like having to herd every 12 seconds and also risking my villagers getting raided), so I’m trying an alternative through growing sheep. The issue is you need to pay a lot of attention to them, as they just stay there after getting fattened, or they move only slightly, so you need to send them further away, otherwise villagers will come to them and end up killing them all, even unfattened ship. Also the villagers don’t seem to care about which ones are fattened and which ones are not when killing them, while also killing way too many. Do you have any tips for how to better approach this, or am I simply forced to hunt during the first 2 ages? Thank you!

You should be hunting as much as possible since herding hunts is less cumbersome than livestock. If you’re worried about getting raided you could build towers on the forward hunts. Transitioning to livestock is probably only going to be viable on maps with lots of livestock on them or good livestock treasures. And if you go for livestock you should be sending cards for it like the sheep herd and the ranching card to enable cows.