Guard units appearance change?

Noticed that the French and German Guard upgraded skirmishers look different than other skirmishers. They now have green pants and player colored coat. compared to the Spanish and Dutch skirmishers that look the same as they used to. Is this intentional?
dutch skirms
french skirms

Noticed the portugese dragoons have a player colored plume on their helmets instead of the regular white ones. Are there any other unique guards units like this? Somehow this seems like a bug.

Seems confusing and all skirms look like jaegers now.

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It happens to brit redcoats, portuguese guerreiros and other regular units with unique names? I’m shooting in the dark here, but I guess the change is to represent that they are being upgraded to special, even more unique-elite-with-all-the-whistles-and-bells named versions of themselves.

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I didnt notice any difference with the special guard musketeers or hussars. just skirms and dragoons, which is why it seems like it could be a bug?

Glad to know I’m not the only one with this opinion.

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Would be great if this is some placeholder for unique skins for different royal guard upgrades in the release… (though I doubt it)