Guaymallen Mods

[No Birds] -->
[Useless Plants Remover] -->

Them main purpose is to clear the view:

::: Before and After :::

New Mods
[Always Red Bushes] -->
[Always Yellow Bushes] -->

About No Birds Visual Mod

  • Them sounds aren’t disabled because they are all packed together in the following file: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\wwise\SFX.bnk”.
  • Still don’t know how can I edit it easily without repacking it all … 100 MB file size.

If you know how you are welcome to tell me :slight_smile:


OMFG :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Thanks so much, it looks so much cleaner without the plants.

Regarding birds, you might not want to over commit to the mod, because from a competitive perspective their location is useful for the LoS they provide gaia, which can help stop boars from going back when lured and lamed.


Thanks! Those trees have been very annoying so far.


[Always Red Bushes] -->
[Always Yellow Bushes] -->

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::: Future :::

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[Simplistic Terrain Colors (Soft Edges)] -->
[Simplistic Terrain Colors (Soft Edges) - With Grid] -->

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Thanks for this. Is this something that will effect ability to join multiplayer games?

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Visual mods like this should have no effect on joining multiplayer.

you can play multiplayer without any problems with these mods :ok_hand:

Hi Tincho,

Great job on those mods! I am waiting to buy DE until more of these mods are out and until mp is fixed, then I will use them.

I do have a comment on your terrain mods.

Currently I use the Smoothie texture mod on steam.

Judging from the screenshots I think the terrains are a bit too smooth, it almost looks like 1 plain color. It’s nice to have some points of reference in there. Please consider letting a bit of texture through if that is possible.

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::: New Mods :::
[No Snow Footsteps] -->
[No Seagulls] -->
[No Butterflies] -->
[Simplistic Terrain Colors (Sharp Edges)] -->
[Simplistic Terrain Colors (Sharp Edges) - With Grid] -->
[Simplistic Terrain Colors (Soft Edges) (No Blends)] -->
[Simplistic Terrain Colors (Soft Edges) (No Blends) - With Grid] -->

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Yeah actually it’s 1 plain color and that’s it. I really don’t like to put much effort on graphic design and also I’m not good at design by the way.
That why I upload things very simplistic and only functional, it’s the way I am and I like to be.
The advantage with the things I upload is that they are made very modder friendly, with some information, how it was made, software used in some cases, etc. So if other people in the future want to make an “improved version” or anything they will able to do it easier, because the way I present the projects to others.

As I told you I don’t like very much graphic design things, but I’m confident other persons will do it, they just need to edit simple png files, it’s not technically difficult to make it possible.

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Can you remove tree stumps? particularly the bamboo stalk stumps that remain for a minute or so after they have been cut down.

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that’s still not possible to make it. Tree stumps belong to some graphic files that nobody at the moment knows how to edit them.

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hmm, no idea what i’m doing, though i wonder if this screenshot helps.
I found the stumps, but i don’t know what to do with them lol

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Remove their standing graphics. Simple

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Oh nice, my bad. I thought they were attached to tree files. Now because they are single files this is different, let me check.

[No Tree Stumps] -->


Wow, I didn’t expect that to actually help, lol.
I’m going to try it out soon. Thanks!

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Could you add the zip of your mods ? a lot of player actually encounter problems with downloading mods in the game, and we have to do it manually but i can’t find it anywhere … :frowning: