Guide on how Mods/Scenarios work when Subscribed?

So I uploaded a Mod. Zipped a file and only put the scenario folder within. How does that translate to the user end when they subscribe to the mod? Any guide for this process?

You must mirror AoE2DE folder structure in your mod, adding/replacing game files as appropriate.
Scenario must be in mod in “resources\_common\scenario” folder, like it is in game files.

But the ones I subscribe do not end up in that location. Instead they end up in
Age of Empires 2 DE\76561198120666108\mods\subscribed
and have numbers on them like 999_GOT - Winds of Winter
Is that number automatic? Do I just make the folder structure be:

Yes, because they are subscribed mods, not ones, which you have made yourself locally. Number will be added automatically.

Do a folder structure like “C:\Users{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE{userId}\mods\local{modName}\resources\_common\scenario”. You can either publish it from ingame mod manager or pack “resources\_common\scenario” into zip file and publish from webpage.

How to Upload via
Make sure our zip folder starts with ‘resources’ as the folder name. Within resources should be ‘_common’ and within that should be ‘scenario’. Finally within ‘scenario’ should be your map. Please see this image to see what I mean. If you zip the ‘resource’ folder after building it that structure, it should work. Let me know.

Screenshot here