Guilded Man at arm switching weapon

I don’t know if it is a visual bug or hidden mechanics, but I constantly see the Guilded Man at arm switching between a sword and an axe.

Do you know if it has any gameplay effect? I couldn’t find anywhere why they do this.


Is not the unique example in captures: In the Age of Noob videos of three weeks ago, before the official preview, he also showed some images with the Gilded Men-at-arm with a mace.

But as I understand it, the HRE’s Men-at-arm will be the only one that retains the 2-weapon mechanic, and his variant will only have the sword.

I want to assume that at first the devs planned to give the sledgehammer and two-hand weapon technologies also to the OotD, but apparently they discard the idea in the end for balance.

Maybe when the 14th comes we can test it. And this is not the unique: Another visual bug that was reported is that of the ####### ######### who attack with the blunt side of their katana, and not with the correct sharp side.

They actually switch weapon, the 2 pictures i showed is the same game and same MAA like 5 seconds apart in a game played in last few days by a streamer. In the current playable version the MAA are switching weapon at random interval.

Where is this image?

I have considered that it could also be that he used HRE models with the black hidden player color.

But who knows: as I understand from the trailer, the devs initially considered also giving Traction Trebuchet to the Japanese (like historically happens), but apparently from the recent Beasty teaser, they still want to keep that unit as the sole Mongol unit, so japanese now have counterweight trebuchet.

The weapon switching seems to be a visual bug. Its possible they switch to an axe and do more charge damage like a knight but nobody has mentioned that as a mechanic.

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In this vid he used OG civ image because the new content was still under nda, what is in this image is the HRE.

@Marc4770 There is no mechanics the only special trait the Ootd Man at arms have is a tech that make receive less damage when below 20% hp.
The charge being different than the other attacks and being able to display a different weapon (basic exemple with the knight/lancer’s lance) they probably left the axe on the charge attack weapon by mistake.

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