Gunpowder units general rework ideas. (Devs pls read this :'/)

Gunpowder projectiles should be faster but they were very inaccurate especially in 14-16 century. Also early firearms didn’t have much punch either, but it was easier to train soldiers to fire with firearms than to teach them fight with anything else.

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Ok, with this late 16th century i exgarate, but still price of gunpwder was very high. IT is because saltpetre was hard to get. There are files from 1523 from Polish Stronghold Kamianets-Podilskyi when they have to transport saltpetre from Kraków, and price was 2 złote (Polish currency) per kg, 1 złoty was equal 30 grosze, and 1 Grosz was equal ona man’s weekly allimentation - so for one kg of saltpetre one man could live 14 months.

And bows were use by cavalry untill late 17th century, due to much better rate do fire (?).

If I have something to say about gunpowders units, it is only for the Hand Cannoneer, I suggest 2 options:

  • Give Hand Cannoneer +1 range.
  • Increase the projectile speed.

Those are more than enough. I suggested long time ago to give gunpowder civs a generic gunpowder unit in the castle age, like for example give them light hand cannoneer or something, but I don’t know how the balance will be then.

Bombard towers absolutely need some kind of damage bonus vs. rams. It’s ridiculous what a single ram can do against multiple bombard towers. Rams would still be a strong counter even if significantly nerfed.

Bombard towers seem to be intended to hold territory better than standard towers in the late game, mostly unattended. Losing 400 gold and 500 stone worth of upgraded imperial age buildings to two castle age rams pretty much defeats the purpose imo. You have to manage them just as carefully as standard towers, and they aren’t very useful against boats.

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Yea but splash damage would mitigate the effect of that, as you would start to damage your own towers if you shot at its base from a friendly tower similar to how you can damage your own buildings with your own mangonels.

You can micro your mangonels or put them on “no attack” stance when you don’t feel like babysitting them, with BBT it’s not possible. So if you make them able to kill each other they just become bad lol.

Just give BBTs +8 vs siege units/rams. Works for every siege unit always. Giving them attack vs rams means Trebuchets, Siege Towers and Battering Rams take 8, Capped Rams take 7 and Siege Rams take 6 damage. Giving attack bonus vs siege units fixes it to 8 + Ballista Elephants take +8 damage too.

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Don’t forget organ guns, but they get one shottee a way

It actually affects all units but BBC, SO, HS, OG all die in a single hit. So it doesn’t matter it is +8 or +0.

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with 30 melee dmg u cant kill rams that easily. First read dude.

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I agree with this idea

30 damage is kinda too much. i’d say 15 at most.

currently it is 120 pierce so maybe 15 melee and 105 pierce would still give them similar net damage to other units except ram/trebuchets