Guys how do I use bug to stack resources?


there’s bug where you can stack and increase resources or you can research tech multiple times in multiplayer, how can I do this?

Guide, tips?

Really? You’re asking on the official forums, where dedicated players contribute to improve the game and its community, how to cheat? An answer to your question would be highly detrimental to what the devs and the community try to achieve.


Wait. Don’t take me bad, if it is a game feature I’d like to know how it works.

Also there was this cheat above and beyond that I missed, does that mean I can’t cheat this thing in multiplayer?

I am not asking for 3rd party hack tools.

Right, but you just pointed out yourself that it is not a feature, for it is a bug. A feature is functionality that the devs intend to be there, where a bug indicates that something is unintentionally broken. Abusing a bug is considered cheating, as it gives you an unfair advantage over others. No one on this forum will help you do that.

This is a different kind of cheating than to use ingame cheat codes such as ‘Going Above and Beyond’. You are free to use such cheat codes in single player and unranked lobby games if the ‘Allow Cheats’ functionality is enabled. In the latter case, the game remains fair because your opponents are able to use cheat codes as well.


It’s not an intended feature, just a bug. So it’s bad for the game no matter if it’s not a third party tool. There is already enough cheaters atm, we don’t need a large wave of bug exploiters. I mean, if you want to test stuff for fun, open a lobby game and allow cheats but pls refrain from doing that kind of stuff in ranked games.

For educational purposes, not for abusing

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I did it in an UNRANKED lobby multiplayer… Had 260 hp paladins… Ridiculous theres no hotfix and can do supplies bug where it gives you unlimited food this is a joke shame on the devs


Bug abusing should be a bannable offense, honeslty.

Anything that is externally hacking game files with third Programms, exe Editor is cheating and should be banned.

Anything that can be done just by playing the game shouldn’t be banable, including bug abuses. Don’t blame the player.

Scanning fog of war with a house was surely not intended,either.

Not support or using this bug myself, but banning sounds unfair to me.


If you ask ‘how to abuse bugs’, then dont expect a seriously answer. We dont need to encourage players to abuse bugs. We need to encourage the dev to fix the mess quickly.

You can’t go from 1200 ELO to 2200 ELO by scanning the fog with houses.

I understand where you are coming from, but exploiting a bug that completely breaks the game is a lot different, imo. Its replicating a cheat-code on an environment that should be cheats-free. And its being done on purpose a thousand times over and over. There is a print screen of one of the exploiters saying something along the lines of “Give me your points, my main account got banned. I must go up to stream snipe more people.”

Scanning the fog is basically a feature by now, as its been in the game forever and is accepted by the community. Not done intentionally to grief and destroy the fun of other. But if its a bug, it should be rectified.

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Not hot fixing this should be a bannable offense, honestly…


My 2 cents: the more people abusing exploits, the more people complain everywhere, and more pressure is put on the devs.

Remember the “walking through walls” bug? This happened at least once in every game, be it pro or noob games. The result? waves of doom upon the devs, leading to fixes. There’s also the old infinite resources in AoM for poseidon, which got fixed after a lot of people started using it.

If i had the game downloaded today and an stable connection, i would exploit the living crap of the ranked matches, only to put more visibility for the exploit, and thus get it fixed sooner.

It’s like doing vandalism in a city where there are no cops. They will be forced to hire policemen or the place will burn to death. I support OP in his bug task.

AoE2 gamers, this is a call to arms! exploit to get dev attention! (this is and isn’t sarcasm at the same time)

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… That is a weird thing of fixing things, meanwhile you would ruin all the fun of the game for others.

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Also new players are already overwhelmed by what they have to do, they surely aren’t gonna scan things with houses. Under 1800, you probably won’t see anything like this.

The worst cheaters aren’t the ones who blatantly do it. It’s the ones who sneakily do it and keep it to themselves

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